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The reason why people like to lay lvt wpc flooring in the open-air patio
 Oct 28, 2022|View:508

With the development of society, more and more new materials have started to be developed, lvt wpc flooring is one of them. With more and more people's economic improvement, many people have their open-air patio to enjoy their life, lvt wpc flooring becomes their first choice to decorate the open-air patio. Analyzing the reasons, there are the following.

lvt wpc flooring

1. for owners with open-air patios, the post-care work of traditional solid wood outdoor flooring is very tedious; experienced garden owners know that with the continuous passage of time, solid wood outdoor flooring will soon be affected by climate, temperature differences, insects, mildew and other factors, constantly fading, ageing, fracture, rot, and lvt wpc flooring can effectively avoid these problems.

2. Based on the consideration of waterproofing at the bottom of the open-air patio. Traditional decks use the wet paving method, a waterproof layer directly on the sand pile to level, then laying fixed stone. Although this can get a clean and flat deck, the sand under the stone storage capacity, water is difficult to release will lead to the risk of water seepage. In contrast, lvt wpc flooring is directly levelled using a wooden keel, which can keep the ground ventilated and dry, rainwater will not accumulate, and there is no potential risk of water seepage.

3. open-air courtyard as the transition between indoor and outdoor, its articulation must be gentle and considerate enough to give a sense of harmony, and wood plastic flooring can give people this sense of nature, will not give people a sense of abruptness.

4. The emergence of lvt wpc flooring makes our life more healthy and environmentally friendly and also brings an upgrade to the courtyard paving, lvt wpc flooring does not contain any harmful substances and is a highly environmentally friendly green and healthy building material. In our daily use without painting maintenance, daily flushing surface dust can be to avoid the harmful gases brought about by painting maintenance. It avoids the release of harmful gases caused by painting and maintenance and makes people's yard life healthier.

5. No accident, outdoor wood flooring in the outdoors after some time, the surface may appear to be cracking, causing burrs and other problems. Cracking burrs after the surface becomes patchy may also produce physical hazards, lvt wpc flooring density is greater than other ordinary wood, in outdoor use, has super weather resistance, can withstand high temperatures 70 ℃ - minus 40 ℃ test, no cracking, no burrs. No burrs.

People like to lay lvt wpc flooring in the open-air patio. Why not consider open-air patio paving lvt wpc flooring when you have your open-air patio? I believe it can bring you a more elegant life.