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Take you through the advantages and performance of hybrid wpc flooring
 Jun 06, 2022|View:488

With the improvement of people's living economy, more and more people aspire to the comfort and leisure of nature and hope to improve their living space. Therefore, the building decoration also began to look for a kind of flooring building materials that can replace the anti-corrosion wood that does not rot or mold and is maintenance-free to create a leisurely and comfortable environment close to nature. Hybrid wpc flooring is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving composite material that has emerged in recent years as an alternative to wood; it is used for landscaping, interior, exterior wall decoration, flooring, guardrails, flower ponds, gazebos, etc.

hybrid wpc flooring

1. Hybrid wpc flooring made of wpc flooring material has the same processing characteristics as wood, using ordinary tools can be sawed, drilled, nailed, very convenient, and can be used like ordinary wood flooring;

2. Hybrid wpc flooring in the same situation can be less than more. For example, general paving outdoor flooring, in the case of the choice of wood, needs about 45MM thickness of wood; and hybrid wpc flooring only needs 25MM thickness of the material can ensure that the quality can be the same as or even more than 5MM thickness of wood;

3. Hybrid wpc flooring production, when the processability is relatively strong, can be made into a hollow profile, saving materials. We all know that preserved and solid wood are solid and can not be processed into hollow. At the same time, hybrid wpc flooring is a processable material in the production and processing of different profiles that can be formed according to the different extrusion of the mill, and it can be made into hollow, so that it saves materials, not only to reduce the weight but also to increase the strength;

4. Hybrid wpc flooring products can be maintenance-free and do not need to do paint treatment. To apply paint, the general wood surface needs to do paint or water-based paint treatment and regular maintenance every year. No maintenance may produce fading, cracking, and other problems. Hybrid wpc flooring materials can do maintenance-free surfaces without painting, so in the long run, the maintenance cost of wood plastic products is much lower than wood. The information shows that the service life of hybrid wpc flooring can reach 10-50 years.

5. Hybrid wpc flooring color is rich. Wood plastic can add a certain percentage of color powder during production, making it rich in color. There are many colors to choose from, and the wood texture can also be customized according to their personalities to like the color.

Therefore, hybrid wpc flooring is welcomed by users for a certain reason. In summary, the special characteristics and effectiveness of hybrid wpc flooring also let us see its value.