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Misconceptions about choosing lvt wpc flooring
 May 17, 2023|View:628

With the improvement of people's living standards, lvt wpc flooring is widely used in various home and office interiors because it not only has the nature of ordinary flooring, but also has its unique anti-corrosion properties. However, our purchase of lvt wpc flooring, often produces some uninteresting. The following will be listed in detail for you.

lvt wpc flooring

1. Laying a large core board when laying. To pursue too much footing, some consumers lay a layer of large core board on the keel. The quality of the large core board varies greatly, and the inferior quality of the large core board will affect the quality of lvt wpc flooring paving. Therefore, if consumers seek too much footing, they must choose the brand-name large core board products sold in the market.

2. Only pay attention to purchase and not to lay. lvt wpc flooring has a direct paste method, keel paving concept, and hanging paving concept. No matter what paving concept is accepted, must choose a good construction team, the face of six not paving, namely, wall leakage, dry ground, not flex not paving; confusion construction not paving; the use of poor quality auxiliary materials paving; construction period is too fast to implement the process of paving; found that the product has quality problems chemical color difference.

3. Maintenance, as usual, no attention. Some consumers believe that lvt wpc flooring does not need too careful maintenance. They only need to use a mop to directly mop the floor, which will lead to flooring products easy to produce discoloration, deformation, gaps, and other problems. Use of lvt wpc flooring must be based on the manufacturer's requirements for regular floor maintenance.

4. lvt wpc flooring is not environmentally friendly. Some consumers believe that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, coupled with the multi-layer adhesive between the veneer, oak solid wood composite flooring, high formaldehyde content, and is not environmentally friendly. Lvt wpc flooring, as long as the formaldehyde release is controlled within the national scale, you can rest assured that the use and the production process of wood-plastic flooring is hot pressing molding, does not contain glue, and is more environmentally friendly.

5. Sales and laying separate. As with manufacturers of solid lvt wpc flooring products, high-quality solid wood flooring usually has a professional laying team or laying guide to ensure the production of products. Consumers should raise a warning if they encounter units where sales and laying are not uniform. If problems arise in the future, it will likely lead to an environment where both parties will avoid each other, resulting in consumer suffering. Therefore, consumers should make an effort to unify sales and paving.

6. Seeking too much of the same texture. lvt wpc flooring is a natural wood product. Due to the differences in planting, sunlight, and other factors, the luster of the trees is not the same. In addition, uniform wood cut sawn lumber. Due to the different positions of the cutting saw, color depth and wood texture will not be the same, so the lvt wpc flooring objectively has signs of color difference, and unbalanced patches, which are natural signs, do not have to be too high on the color requirements.

The above is about the purchase of lvt wpc flooring easy to produce misunderstanding, in the purchase is hope can not be affected by these misunderstandings. According to their situation, a reasonable choice of suitable lvt wpc flooring is the most important.