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Hybrid WPC flooring is wearable but does not represent durability
 Sep 08, 2022|View:477

When it comes to the durability of hybrid WPC flooring, it is generally thought that the higher the abrasion value, the better. is that really the case? The durability of hybrid WPC flooring depends on its impact resistance, scratch resistance, water swelling rate, interior bonding strength, pollution resistance, and smoke resistance.

Hybrid WPC flooring

The important index of wear-resistance of hybrid WPC flooring is the wear-resistance rotation number, the wear-resistance rotation number of Class II is more than or equal to 4000, the wear-resistance rotation number of Class I is more than or equal to 6000, the wear-resistance rotation number is too high, and the decoration effect is bad, the product is easy to crack; wear-resistant revolution is too low, the product is not wear-resistant, affect the service life. The scratch resistance of the surface is the ability to detect the scratch of the diamond needle under the action of a certain force on the surface of the reinforced product. The higher the scratch resistance of the surface, the stronger the resistance of the product to sharp hard objects. The change of the surface of the floor after being cleaned and in contact with the commonly used contaminant material for a certain period of time. The internal bonding strength is the key to reflecting the quality of bonding between fibers in the substrate, low internal bonding strength will lead to product layering. Surface impact resistance is one of the important indexes of hybrid WPC flooring quality. Refers to the same conditions, the measured floor after the impact of the steel ball left traces of diameter. The smaller this value is, the stronger the impact resistance of the product is. Static bending strength is one of the most important indexes of hybrid WPC flooring, and it is also one of the most important indexes of hybrid WPC flooring. The higher the value of this index is, the stronger the ability to resist bending deformation is.

Hybrid WPC flooring is now widely used as a decorative material, and more and more families choose to use it.