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What is SPC?
SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic Composite, features a core that is comprised mostly of blended Calcium carbonate (limestone) in addition to polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Therefore making it heavier, more stable and better than the traditional 100% PVC click vinyl flooring.
Its advantages including good dimension stability, high peel strength,  little noise when walking on, no warping, no distortion, 100% waterproof, heat and sound insulation, eco-friendly rigid floor, no harmful emission.
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<h3>NEW PRODUCT</h3>
SPC Has a Stone Composite Core,

SPC flooring uses limestone powder instead of wood flour in its core. This makes it incredibly durable, but not nearly as soft to walk on.
SPC is avaible with I4F, Valinge and Unilin click system.
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Our line of click-together floating LVT installs quickly and cleanly.
Using the Unilin locking technology, you can easily click together the vinyl planks for a smooth, waterproof surface. No glue needed, this LVT floats over any clean, sturdy floor or subfloor, including old tile, laminate, linoleum, plywood, or concrete slab. 
Available in wood, marble, vein-cut travertine, or concrete looks.
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What is WPC vinyl flooring? It’s a type of rigid-core LVP or LVT that uses a mix of wood flour (a type of super-fine sawdust) and hardened vinyl to create its core. It is Hybrid Flooring. This makes it springy, comfortable, and incredibly durable!
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Engineered Solid Plastic Composite(ESPC) combines advantage of both SPC and LVT, It remains the excellent dimensional stability, Being Water-proof, Rigid of SPC, But also provides softness of LVT. With IXPE cushioned backing, ESPC provides a quieter, Warmer vinyl flooring..
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Is there have “Perfect flooring”?
“Perfect” means, Fire-proof, Water-proof, Eco-friendly and floor heating usage?
Yes MGO is……
MGO raw material all from the nature(Magnesium oxide and Magnesium Sulfate from the mine, Wood Powder from the trees), can be degradable..
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