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spc flooring supplier reveals the inside story of purchasing SPC flooring
 Mar 31, 2023|View:666

As we all know, the SPC floor is called the SPC floor because it is mainly made of Stone, PVC additives, and so on. The SPC floor produced by this process can not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. It is a 100% formaldehyde-free and environment-friendly floor, but there is a part of spc flooring supplierin the market, in order to make more profits, thus reducing the cost, the proportion of natural stone powder will be greatly reduced, adding a large number of recycled materials.

spc flooring supplier

spc flooring suppliers produced a lot of hazardous materials by crushing recycled SPC flooring, which was then rolled at high temperatures. SPC flooring is not environmentally friendly at all, it's a toxic floor. We are not opposed to recycled floors, but to recycled floors that are "recycled into the market". As long as the recycled floors are properly handled and properly renovated, in fact, it is a re-use of resources, it has good ecological value, but it is inevitable that spc flooring suppliers will take advantage of the low-cost recycling floor and sell it without the consumer's knowledge.

As a result floor material is different, cost and sale price can differ, do not for a while cheap, and buy the floor that can cause harm to health even, want to distinguish carefully when buying low floor. However, sometimes it is impossible to tell the true from the false even in the most careful way, because these floors only gradually show problems over time after they have been used, so as a professional spc flooring supplier, I suggest you should be careful to buy low-priced flooring to avoid being cheated by unscrupulous merchants.

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