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SPC flooring supplier explains why SPC flooring is not popular
 Aug 19, 2022|View:523

SPC refers to stone-plastic composites, on behalf of stone-plastic composites, the characteristics of the core part are usually composed of calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers. It is designed to completely replicate traditional floor materials such as stone, ceramics, or wood. Why aren't SPC floors common? The SPC flooring supplier has a few caveats:

spc flooring supplier

1. SPC flooring is rigid plastic flooring. SPC flooring supplier is mainly for export or tooling market. Home furnishings are not popular yet; the market share of SPC flooring is low because of consumers' early awareness of decoration materials. In the eyes of many consumers, plastic products give people a sense of cheapness, so most owners will tend to choose the traditional floor.

2. SPC floor belongs to the thin floor, it requires very high flatness of the ground, using the traditional leveling method, even if the ground flatness error meets the national standard, there will be some problems in laying SPC floor, And SPC floor general appearance is relatively low, decoration effect is general, a lot of shops paste way can not do, so decoration companies, designers are not willing to recommend SPC floor.

3. The popularity of SPC flooring abroad is largely due to its cost-effective nature; however, in the domestic market, the SPC flooring supplier does not have an advantage in price. In this price range, there is laminate flooring and some are first-and second-line brand products. Laying wood floor texture real and beautiful, with low requirements for the flatness of the ground, so most of the owners tend to choose the wood floor.

But SPC flooring also has a lot of advantages, for example, SPC flooring is a green product, its raw materials for non-toxic renewable polyvinyl chloride, products without formaldehyde, does not contain any radioactive substances. Products are adhesive-free pavement, and easy to install and re-use. The product also has the advantages of strong abrasion resistance, long service life, good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, good thermal conductivity, sound-absorbing, and flame-retardant.