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SPC flooring supplier explains common issues with flooring
 Aug 29, 2022|View:502

SPC floor is made of PVC base material extruded by extruder and t-mold, PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and PVC base material are respectively heated and laminated by three-roll or four-roll calender, the process is simple and the bonding is accomplished by heat, without glue. There will also be problems with the quality of the SPC flooring during the manufacturing process, as the professional SPC flooring supplier will be detailing today.

SPC flooring supplier

1. The size of the product is not stable, the mold is not satisfied with the mold, the wall thickness is not uniform.

Reason: the formula of SPC flooring supplier was not properly lubricated, the rotation speed of ration feed was not stable, the screw barrel was worn seriously, and the fit gap was not right.

Solution: Improve the internal and external lubricant ratio, correct the feed fault, replace the barrel and screw, adjust the barrel and screw clearance.

2. The appearance of the product is not uniform, the color deviation is obvious, the surface appears irregular fish scale pattern, the product performance is not good, the toughness is poor, the product is fragile, the impact resistance is not up to standard.

Reason: the SPC flooring supplier's formula structure is unreasonable, the inorganic filling is too high, the plasticizing is not good, and the quantity of the impact material is insufficient.

Solution: modify the formula structure, appropriately reduce the content of inorganic filler, modify the material plasticized to about 65% , increase the impact material as appropriate.

3.The finished product output bending, deformation, local subsidence.

Reason: the head and the die are not in the same plane, the extrusion speed is too fast, the cold water temperature is too high, the water pressure is too small, the water flow is not smooth, the vacuum negative pressure is not enough.

Solution: adjust die and die at the same level, reduce extrusion speed & cooling water temperature, increase water pressure and flow, adjust vacuum negative pressure to check water and gas flow.