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Cherry wood vinyl plank flooring is used for floor heating
 Sep 19, 2022|View:537

Last year's winter was particularly cold. Southerners without heating had long put on cotton-padded clothes in order to keep out the cold, so now when decorating, more and more families choose to install floor heating to ensure indoor comfort in winter, and want to have floor on floor heating is exquisite, need to meet two requirements: environmental protection and stability.

Cherry wood vinyl plank flooring

Cherry wood vinyl plank flooringuses wood fibers as the base material, high-density wood fiberboard is pressed at a high temperature, and then bonded with a special environmental glue without formaldehyde, even if long-term by the warm temperature of the baking will not volatilize too many harmful substances to the human body damage. The stability of cherry wood vinyl plank flooring is also good because the surface aluminum oxide has excellent abrasion resistance and high-density substrate stability, as well as good balance, even if the heat expansion and contraction will not destroy the quality of the floor, do not need to spend too much attention to maintenance, so suitable for floor heating.

It's also important to choose a reputable manufacturer to purchase quality cherry wood vinyl plank flooring. As a professional flooring manufacturer, we have large-scale production capacity, and color variety, if you want to know more about composite flooring, welcome to contact us.