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Is the vinyl plank flooring cherry surface abrasive?
 Sep 22, 2022|View:536

Vinyl plank flooring cherry is popular in the market for its low price, the good foot feels, and variety of colors. A lot of friends worried that the cheap vinyl plank flooring cherry was a mistake because of its low price and the tendency to wear out.

vinyl plank flooring cherry

Abrasion resistance to vinyl plank flooring cherry is often not dependent on the thickness of the surface but is determined by the coating on the floor surface. When you buy vinyl plank flooring cherry, you should pay more attention to the quality of the paint on the surface of vinyl plank flooring cherry. Paint should be uniform, with no bubbles, small white spots, or other phenomena, and the surface should not have obvious stains and damage.

Most of the vinyl plank flooring cherry surfaces on the market are coated with UV acrylic paint with six rollers, three times UV curing and two times planing treatment. The paint will seep into the tabletop. Most of the other floors are treated with ordinary PU paint, like chocolate-covered food. Although the surface film is thick but easy to fall off.

It's because vinyl plank flooring cherry has such an excellent surface finish, and although the surface layer is very thin, its abrasion resistance is tested by the national wood-based panel quality supervision and Inspection Center, and its abrasion resistance is twice the national standard.

Vinyl plank flooring cherry is now widely used as decorative materials, whether in commercial buildings or home decoration will be used. As a supplier of reinforced flooring, we have a large production capacity and a wide variety of products. If you want to know more about laminate flooring, please contact us.