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LVT vinyl flooring manufacturer talks about the details to pay attention to when using LVT vinyl flooring
 Sep 28, 2022|View:569

LVT vinyl flooring manufacturerrecommends that LVT vinyl flooring is in normal use as soon as the construction is complete, but LVT vinyl flooring manufacturer reminds us that LVT vinyl flooring is in use in addition to the necessary maintenance, in the work and daily life, some small details are also necessary to pay attention to.

LVT vinyl flooring manufacturer

1. During the use of sharp objects is strictly prohibited to scratch the ground, sharp objects, and blades.

2. Although LVT vinyl flooring is corrosion resistant to some extent, it should be removed in time when corrosive chemicals or drugs are splashed onto the floor to avoid further corrosion to the floor;

3. For the spill on the ground, such as oil stains should be removed in a timely manner, dirt increase will reduce the friction of the ground, easy to cause damage.

4. LVT vinyl flooring although fireproof and flame retardant in class B1, it is important to avoid cigarette butts burning through the floor coating to prevent further damage to the floor.

If you encounter any other unresolved issues, please consult a professional LVT vinyl flooring manufacturer.