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SPC flooring supplier explains the benefits of SPC flooring
 Dec 28, 2022|View:492

As an SPC flooring supplier, we produce many types of flooring for the home, such as the SPC flooring that we have heard about, SPC flooring is a stone plastic composite flooring. SPC flooring is a type of stone-plastic composite flooring. It is made by mixing calcium powder with thermoplastic polymer material and then extruding it at high temperatures to form a composite panel.

SPC flooring supplier

What are the advantages of SPC flooring?

The advantages of SPC flooring are in fact mainly for use in our homes and then have some advantages compared to other types of flooring or floor tiles. These advantages are also based on the performance of SPC flooring. The primary raw material for SPC is calcium powder, which is plasticized and extruded into sheets. Therefore, SPC flooring generally has the following five advantages.

1. Excellent environmental performance. Many friends also need to consider this before choosing the floor. SPC flooring is environmentally friendly without formaldehyde a new type of ground decorative material because the SPC flooring supplier in the process of making SPC flooring is not used glue, like many materials in the formaldehyde are actually from the glue. So SPC flooring is free of formaldehyde, benzene, and other toxic and harmful substances. This is really a great advantage compared to some laminate flooring.

2. SPC flooring has a perfect waterproof and moisture-proof effect. SPC flooring has a perfect waterproof effect, the moisture-proof effect is also very good, and there are characteristics such as anti-mold. This solves some of our worries about the traditional wooden flooring that is afraid of water and moisture. SPC flooring can therefore be used in a wider range of applications. For example, SPC flooring can be used in our bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies.

3. SPC flooring has excellent anti-slip properties. SPC flooring supplier recommends that you must choose a material with particularly good anti-slip properties for the bathroom floor, but also for the living room. As the surface of the SPC flooring is treated with a special wear-resistant layer, this wear-resistant layer has a very high anti-slip characteristic. It is also more astringent when exposed to water, so it has a very good anti-slip effect when exposed to water. This will not worry about the water after a particularly slippery situation.

4. SPC flooring is silent and comfortable for the feet. This is also due to the characteristics of each layer of the SPC flooring. The SPC flooring is very good at silencing sound. If we walk barefoot on it then the footplate will be very comfortable and give a feeling of elasticity. And even if you fall on it, you won't get hurt. Another point is that the surface of SPC flooring does not require as much care as wooden flooring, and can usually be wiped clean with a towel or a wet mop.

The above are the advantages of SPC flooring, hope to help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.