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The difference between Chinese vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring
 Jan 30, 2023|View:413

What are Chinese vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring? Chinese vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring are cheaper alternatives to hardwood flooring because they are man-made. Laminate flooring is made up of three layers: an inner core board, a decorative photo image layer, and an overlay or wear layer to protect the floor.

Chinese vinyl plank flooring

Chinese vinyl plank flooring has a solid vinyl core, a printed vinyl base, and an overlay that not only looks like hardwood but also looks like ceramic and stone.

What is the difference between Chinese vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring?

They are made from different synthetic materials.

1. Different durability and maintenance

Next to the bed is the floor - in terms of frequency of use and time spent on the floor. You will therefore need durable flooring that is easy to maintain.

Laminate flooring combines these two qualities perfectly, but it has the disadvantage of not being able to be repaired when the outer layer is scratched or exposed to water for a long time. In contrast, Chinese vinyl plank flooring will only delaminate (wear out) if it is of minimal quality.

In general, Chinese vinyl plank flooring can withstand higher traffic volumes than laminate flooring. It also requires low maintenance compared to laminate flooring. However, it is recommended that you change the position of your furniture every now and then to avoid dents in the English vinyl plank flooring.

Chinese vinyl plank flooring

2. Maintenance and cleaning

For both, simple vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping is sufficient as they are easy to clean and maintain. Laminate flooring is not suitable for wet washing. If you feel the need to clean with water, it is best to use a dry mop or a soft microfibre cloth to clean the floor or a wet mop (almost dry), as laminate has limited resistance to moisture.

Unlike laminate, English vinyl plank flooring can be wet cleaned or scrubbed with detergent. It allows the floor to be swept with a broom and wet mop.

The above is an introduction to Chinese vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring. We hope it will help you and if you have any other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.